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福布斯杂志的 30 Under 30(30 位 30 岁以下的商界人士)

  • 认识福布斯 2022 年榜单各个领域的顶尖青年企业家

Forbes 2024 30 Under 30.PNG

From Prison Baby to Ph.D. & Business Owner at 30

Entertainment Tycoon with Bid to Become 1st Black NFL Football Team Owner

开始你自己的事业 - 有些人对时间或金钱知之甚少


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Side Hustle School Start Your Own BusinessG
Side Hustle School Start Your Own Business

12 岁的孩子通过 NFT 赚了近 600 万美元

12 Yr Old Entrepreneur


  • 佐治亚州计划为视障人士带来成功


Blind Man Who Owns His Own Business
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